You’ve tried the rest. Now try the BEST.

With a higher solid content than traditional exterior paints, Armorex is the SOLID choice for longer-lasting exterior finishes.

Sustainable Technology

With unique “rebound technology,” Armorex has the ability to augment the efficiency and sustainability of your building.

Increase Efficiency

Armorex increases the efficiency of your building and contributes to the increased longevity of all painted walls.

Lasts Longer

Armorex products last over fifty percent longer than traditional paint products, resulting in less energy, materials, and pollution involved in manufacturing and delivery

Lower Carbon Footprint

By utilizing an Internet-based direct delivery system, we minimize pollution, emissions, and energy associated with delivery.

Less Pollution

Armorex has an extremely low level of Volatile Organic Content (VOCs). These chemicals are capable of vaporizing and, ultimately, can add to the level of pollution in the air.


All Armorex products are water born products with extremely low Volatile Organic Content, meaning the products are environmentally friendly!

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